APRIL 24, 2012



An Interview With Teddy Christopher

Ted After His 2010 Win In The Spring Sizzler

By Brian Danko, Staff Writer
The New Britain Herald & Bristol Press

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PLAINVILLE, CT---Teddy Christopher is all set for another year of racing and that can only mean trouble for the rest of the competitors on the modified series or whatever series he plans to race in 2012.

Christopher of Plainville has been one of the most feared and loathed competitors for well over 20 years and when asked if he was ready to slow down, T.C. as he is known just laughed.

“There are a lot of people who wish I would slow down. People thought when I got married that I would and then when I turned 50 I would but I just love to race.”  Christopher said from his business where he rebuilds heavy

Ted Wins The NEMA Midget Feature At Waterford Speedbowl - 1998
Rene Dugas Photo

duty Allison Transmissions.

This year, as in the past, Christopher will compete full time on the NASCAR Whelen modified tour, run full time at the Stafford Motor Speedway, try to run full time at the Thompson International speedway and then run at Riverhead Raceway on Long Island when it doesn’t interfere with the modified tour schedule.

Teddy will run his own SK modified at Stafford and Thompson and then drive for someone at Riverhead

“I guess that I will run my usual 70 to 80 races again this year. I like racing a lot. The deal at Riverhead will be good because I just have to bring my fire suit and helmet”

With Christopher running weekly at the three NASCAR sanctioned tracks, he will once again have the opportunity to compete against NASCAR drivers across the nation and have a shot of earning his second NASCAR weekly series national championship, which he first won in 2001

“Yeah, it would be fun and now that they only take your best 18 finishes, I think I have a real good shot at it. It won’t be like the first time when NASCAR had over 90 tracks nationwide but it is still a big deal.”

When Christopher won the title in 2001, he won in post season awards nearly $150,000 but it isn’t nearly as much now but the prestige is still there.

Christopher’s main challenge again will be running and chasing his second NASCAR Whelen modified tour title which he last won in 2008.

The NASCAR modified tour is a series of 14 races that compete on tracks as small as a quarter mile and tracks over one mile. The series, which features 10 races in Connecticut also, has races in New York, New Hampshire and Tennessee.

Christopher started that off right with a second place finish at the season opener at the Thompson Speedway back a few weeks ago.

“That’s our priority. Not really too much will be different except I have a new crew chief in Glenn Dixon.”

While T.C. still has the fire needed to race and win regularly he gets a little worked up when you mention some of the younger drivers on the series, drivers who in his eyes haven’t earned what they have.

“I get ticked off when I see these young drivers who are only racing because they have money and can buy everything they need. They don’t work, they just race and then some of them only do it to please their parents or family. They haven’t proved anything to me.”

When asked if he has anything left to prove, Christopher said a goal of his is to reach 100 SK modified wins at his favorite track, the Stafford Motor Speedway.

“I think I am at 94 wins right now so a good year there could do it.”

Christopher will also run in several PASS late model pro stock races this year but will not run the super modified he competed in last year. “I don’t think that will happen but if I had to guess, I think there’s a chance I could run a race or two in it.”

Christopher has won in every form of race car he has ever competed in from the midgets, supers, late models, pro stocks, modifieds, SK modifieds and even the Busch North series, the man, whether or not you like him, can race, drive and win.

Ted Christopher is like a fine wine, just getting better and better with time.


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